How To Tell If Your Lead Company Is Gaming You

by David Schneider on January 28, 2010

These are today’s debt referrals sent to our clients.  Notice the wide array of debt load amounts.  While not every day’s filled with $200k’s, you can appreciate the varied mix.  It’s a natural mix.  Remember… it’s a natural mix.

If what you’re receiving isn’t similar to this screenshot it means that your supplier has possibly been sending their higher debt load amounts to clients other than you… even though you’ve been paying good money for leads $10,000 and over.  Perhaps they rationalize this maneuver since you perhaps contractually agreed to take debt lead amounts $10,000 and over – that it’s OK to send you most leads approximating that lower amount and then they mix a few higher ones in to placate you.  They may in fact have other filters to send their higher debt loaded leads to their more favored clients.

Every one of our clients receives a natural mix, no games.  You’re paying for it and you deserve it.  You should be feeling great about the leads you’re buying, not swindled.  You should absolutely be closing them.  You shouldn’t need to buy so many.  You should be able to confidently fire your ineffective non-producers and not let them blame your lead supplier for their poor results.  It’s time for a win.

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