10 Manipulative Things Lead Companies Do To Lead Buyers

by David Schneider on October 23, 2009

badleadgenerationcompaniesLead buyers beware!  Please be extremely cautious when buying mortgage leads, debt leads, insurance leads, loan modification leads, education lead and others.  Common practice for most lead companies, they:

  1. Mix in leads that have already been distributed when you buy exclusive leads.
  2. Use manipulatively dangerous ad copy to attract leads under false pretenses.
  3. Say leads were generated through a different means than reality.
  4. Add old leads into your real-time lead order.
  5. Don’t honor their lead return policy.
  6. Over charge.
  7. Over distribute.
  8. Say they’ll optimize their ad campaigns after you complain but then don’t because it’s not even theirs to begin with.
  9. Strong arm you into buying a large allotment of leads up-front.
  10. Sneakily seduce you to buy lesser quality leads by offering them at hard to resist low prices.

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