Buy Quality Leads

Why Partner With Quality Leads?

1. Because 100% of our clients are closing the leads we’re generating through organic and paid search and opt-in email marketing campaigns.  Our algorithms are unique and our databases vast.

2. You’ll receive the leads in real-time, and experience very high contact rates.

3. Choose from exclusive or shared distribution. If you’re not that strong of a closer, try some exclusive leads and you’re bound to connect with very appreciative consumers needing immediate assistance. Increasing your competitive advantage, you’re apt to close more deals.

So call or complete the form for a quote. If you’re not closing leads from your current provider, graduate to something better today. You’ll be happy you did.

Our  Lead Generation Methods

  • Paid search marketing on major search engines
  • Organic search results
  • Display ads
  • Repeat visitors
  • Referrals
  • Opt-in email through in-house borrower lists
  • Television and radio ads

Lead Exclusivity (decide which option is best for you)

  • 100% Exclusive
  • Shared with up to one other company
  • Shared with up to two other companies

Real-Time Lead Delivery Formats

  • Email (plain text or HTML format)
  • Password secure access on our website
  • Post to your lead management software
  • Telephone
  • Batch (CSV or XLS files)

Lead Returns

  • Full credit on disconnected phone numbers if we’re unsuccessful in obtaining a working number from borrower.  Return submissions need to be submitted within 7 days of lead delivery.


  • All payment types are accepted. A tiny deposit can get you started.

Call or complete this form for a no-nonsense lead quote. Small test campaigns are offered with no long term contracts or set-up fees. Prior to real-time delivery, all leads are scrubbed against US Postal address and home, business and cell phone databases to authenticate legitimacy. Quality Leads and its associated management are recognized as the highest quality lead generator by top lead management solution companies such as LeadMailbox, Leads360, LeadROI and Kaleidico.

We’re serious about growing your business.