January 2010

How To Tell If Your Lead Company Is Gaming You

These are today’s debt referrals sent to our clients.  Notice the wide array of debt load amounts.  While not every day’s filled with $200k’s, you can appreciate the varied mix.  It’s a natural mix.  Remember… it’s a natural mix. If what you’re receiving isn’t similar to this screenshot it means that your supplier has possibly [...]

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I just met with someone who recently had a chance to observe how one particular lead sales company operated.  This observer was sickened by the “standard business practice” of said company.  Supposedly, when there weren’t enough leads to fulfill a client’s order the company would deliberately and knowingly “add in” many leads that were clearly [...]

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New Client Closes 3 out of 3 Loan Modification Leads!!!

3 LEADS 3 APPS….NOT BAD SIR. Jerry Carnberry ………… The email above was sent to me earlier today and it’s exciting.  That’s what I’m shooting for with this company, a 100% close rate for my clients.   That’s my goal.  I want to help you grow your business.  You need to reach your goals.  Think [...]

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