October 2009

California Mortgage Leads

Here’s a sampling of the very latest mortgage leads sent to our very happy lenders and brokers doing deals in California.  They’re receiving these on an exclusive basis. How many deals of this magnitude would you need to close per day to be feeling great?  How many would that equate to be closed monthly?  Annually? [...]

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10 Manipulative Things Lead Companies Do To Lead Buyers

Lead buyers beware!  Please be extremely cautious when buying mortgage leads, debt leads, insurance leads, loan modification leads, education lead and others.  Common practice for most lead companies, they: Mix in leads that have already been distributed when you buy exclusive leads. Use manipulatively dangerous ad copy to attract leads under false pretenses. Say leads were generated [...]

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Quality Leads Launches LossMitigationLeads.com

Loan modification lead buyers are reporting record shattering contact rates of up to 70% on our loss mitigation leads.  With no minimum order, try as many as you’re comfortable with as a test.  If and when you’re encouraged by the results, you may want to proceed with allocating a larger portion of your budget. Relationship [...]

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